The Who, What, Why, and How of [T].


Clan Transcend, or [T], was a gaming faction born at the dawn of a new millennium. The world did not collapse at midnight 1999, or even midnight 2000, for those who were anally retentive enough to differentiate. What the new millennium did herald was the release of a video game called Deus Ex. While games produced before it had tapped into the conspiracy genre, Deus Ex arrived at an opportune time and provided a flowing style of play that hasn’t been seen since.

The first incarnation of [T] was created in September of 2001 when Shades and FireRunner sought to fill a vacuum in the multiplayer clan landscape of Deus Ex. A roster was quickly filled by players including [T]eamMossad, [T]itank and [T]AlCapone. During this time, [T] did not lose a clan battle and was one of the dominant groups of gamers in the Deus Ex world. Unfortunately, time passed and [T] eventually faded to one or two members who were rarely in contact. Some stopped playing and some moved on to other clans. This was not the end, though.


In 2003, [T]AlCapone, who had reverted to wearing the tag again after the meltdown of [Ð], decided to bring back [T]. With the help of former [DK] and [W] member WeEiRdOo, a clan infrastructure was organized making [T] a recognised name again. The eventual collapse of [W] provided [T] with fRoSt and Vortell near this time. A young fiery young asian boy began associating with the clan during this period as well. Constantly begging for change, he was finally admitted to [T] on a lark in the hopes that he would soon do something to get himself kicked. Alas, Kao, aka. The Jap, is still with us. Thus began the second and present incarnation of [T]. New players were recruited and [T] grew. While Deus Ex had declined in multiplayer popularity, there were still games to be had. [T] Deus Ex has ebbed and flowed between 2003 and the present, but strong feelings of camaraderie have helped to ensure [T] has never died completely and will continue to exist.

In March of 2005 [T] became one of the first, and one of two, dominant clans in Project: Snowblind. Touted as the next game in the Deus Ex series, Project: Snowblind failed to live up to expectations. This didn’t stop two players, [T]JeJ[DX] and [T]Aris666, from winning worldwide scoring competitions and representing [T] on a global stage.

Today, [T] has a wide and varied assemblage of personnel with members on 4 different continents. The clan is the most irreverent grouping in the Deus Ex world - typified by the world famous [T]fukHead whose battle cry of, “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” is often imitated but never duplicated. [T] hopes to exist well into the future and maybe, just maybe, piss you off.

Rebirth Part 2

Fast forward to late 2019 while exploring the cold mountainous regions of Asia, flaw sought out the warm and loving comfort of unr3al. They caught up reminiscing of the past and thought about reviving the [T] site and forums. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why Tapatalk. Die in a fire.